Granny’s House

Granny’s House Personal Narrative A new gate deceives me as I drive up. One click and it opens, leading me on a dirt road through a pecan grove. Pecan trees are bare; their branches hang low to the ground. They sway in the wind, their heads bowed, in prayer. No one drives fast on this […]

Animal of Mystery: The Thylacine

 Animal of Mystery: The Thylacine   A pointy, dog-like head sits atop a small frame covered in black stripes and brown fur. Dainty paws lay on the ground, while a long tail moves in silence. The long snout and pointy ears give this creature the appearance of evil, when as Cameron R. Campbell, creator of […]

Mystery, mystery, mystery!

As everyone knows, I LOVE mystery! In my class we had to write a poem that describes our blog. So, I came up with this. “Mystery” When we find ourselves in the dark With no light to guide us   When we find ourselves trapped by something We can’t see   When we find ourselves […]

So Much Depends upon….

Hey everyone! In my English class this year, I’ve been tasked with creating a blog. Thankfully I already have one, but part of my assignment is to post things on my blog. For the next few months I’ll be posting poems, short stories, and more! Here is a look at my first assignment. So much […]

The Beast of Bray Road

Aqua skiers, music, county fairs were the norm in Elkhorn until a mysterious beast put this small Wisconsin town on the map. In 1936, on a desolate road in Elkhorn, a beast was spotted by a group of friends on their way home. Nobody believed the kids at first, but soon the number of sightings […]