Mystery, mystery, mystery!

As everyone knows, I LOVE mystery! In my class we had to write a poem that describes our blog. So, I came up with this. “Mystery” When we find ourselves in the dark With no light to guide us   When we find ourselves trapped by something We can’t see   When we find ourselves […]

So Much Depends upon….

Hey everyone! In my English class this year, I’ve been tasked with creating a blog. Thankfully I already have one, but part of my assignment is to post things on my blog. For the next few months I’ll be posting poems, short stories, and more! Here is a look at my first assignment. So much […]

The Beast of Bray Road

Aqua skiers, music, county fairs were the norm in Elkhorn until a mysterious beast put this small Wisconsin town on the map. In 1936, on a desolate road in Elkhorn, a beast was spotted by a group of friends on their way home. Nobody believed the kids at first, but soon the number of sightings […]

How to Make a Voodoo Doll

After a visit to New Orleans and in honor of Mardi Gras, I thought we could venture off the normal cryptozoology path and into the world of Voodoo – more importantly how to make your own Voodoo doll. A Voodoo doll can be made from anything really. Though traditionally a Voodooist will make their Voodoo […]

Cryptid #3: Spring Heeled Jack

As with most cryptids, Spring Heeled Jack has been sighted for years spanning from as early as 1837 (the first documented sighting) to as recently as 2012. His legendary beginnings were thought to have come from the Hammersmith Ghost known throughout England around 1802, but whether he is paranormal or a group of mischievous young […]