It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s an Air Rod!

**All photographs are from Jose Escamilla’s Video Sequence from his Air Rod research.

Air Rods (aka Flying Rods or Sky Fish) are creatures that puzzle cryptozoologists and ufologists (UFO researchers) as to what they are and where they come from. Atmospheric Beasts, as I discussed in my last post, and Air Rods are considered to be closely related. Most experts say air rods are tiny aliens, even possibly incredibly fast flying matter, but I believe they are the “mini-me”s of atmospheric beasts.

Air Rods were first discovered in the 1990s. Now, you may be thinking they were seen in the sky, right? Wrong. People began noticing air rods in home movies, and even in the movies on the big screen. They were odd blurry objects that would appear on screen for no reason, usually as transparent and whitish rods, and were  difficult to make out because they moved so fast.

Researchers were intrigued by the phenomena, and began watching old films and looking through old photos trying to find air rods. It became such a popular activity they even named it – “sky fishing”. Looking at areas of the sky visible in the films, examples of air rods were found in thousands of films, old TV shows and photographs.

Of course, the more people studied the films, the more accurately we could identify the main characteristics of air rods. Air rods are long rod-like creatures and appear to be three-dimensional objects. This is their most important characteristic! Three-dimensionality lends credence to the claim that they are living creatures because as we know, every living creature is three-dimensional. And it proved they weren’t blotches on the camera lens, film screens, etc. It was also noticed that air rods had appendages that looked like fins or bees’ wings. However, most of the time, air rods are so blurry and transparent it’s difficult to see them on film.  This is due to how quickly they move.

As usual, the skeptics have picked apart air rods in every way possible. Some say they are debris floating in the air, or birds, or insects. And of course, there were some people who faked air rod photographs and films, which doesn’t help us prove they are real.

The main problem with air rods is we don’t know what they are. Some say air rods are a fifth phase of matter, other than solid, gas, liquid, and plasma, that we haven’t yet discovered. Investigators say air rods may not be made of matter at all, but instead are electromagnetic fluxes or another form of energy.

As we know, when atmospheric beasts die their bodies turn into star jelly. But there have been no dead air rod bodies discovered, which lends credence to them being nonexistent. However, researchers believe air rods are made out of something other than conventional matter, which would leave no dead body. There are also some theories that air rods disintegrate into tiny particles when they die, which could explain why there is an absence of dead bodies. Or we may not even recognize their dead bodies. For all we know, those broken insect wings we see on the ground and think belong to a fly could be “yours truly”.

I’m still a big fan of my theory that air rods are miniature versions of—or even babies of—atmospheric beasts, and after researching all the different theories about air rods, I’m dying to know more about them!

If you’ve seen any air rods, please be sure to sound off in the comments below or send me a pic!

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